Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In Memory Of Megan

I thought i would share some layouts i did in 2006 of my sister Megan - Megan lost her 3 month battle with cancer on Jan 6th 2006.

I still do not believe that Megan is gone, three years on it is still so unbelievable!
If you are in a position to donate money to the Cancer Council please do as every cent helps with their research to find a cure.

the layout above i did the morning of Megan's funeral for the funeral service - the photo was taken Oct 2005

at Mum's 60th and my brother Shane's 40th birthday party June 2003

at my 40th Birthday with her daughter Grayson Oct 2004

Begining of 2005 on a night out with her work friends

Oct 2005 - three weeks after Megan was diagnosed - still with that beautiful smile

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