Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 302/365 Photo

here we are at school again today .... it was great checking out our school and also catching up with some of our school friends that weren't at the Meet and Greet last night.

here is a bonus photo of me outside the toilets yr 10  i was caught wagging school by the police and they bought me back to school in a police car, then i was yelled out by our Senior Mistress and then  after seeing the school nurse as i cut my leg open when running from the police i got to scrub the toilet walls ...good times ☺ In my defence my Mum knew i wasn't going to school as it was the last day of term and we had just come back from school camp ...but the police and the snr mistress didn't care about my Mum knowing ....

Happy Creating Kerrie
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