Thursday, November 29, 2012

Australian Scrapbook Ideas Magazine ~ Two Page Layouts

I was going through cleaning up some photos files and remembered that i had not shared my double page layouts that were in Issue #15 of Australian Scrapbook Ideas Magazine.
My commission was to create 3 x two page pet layouts, which was perfect seeing we now had Cadbury our Chocolate Labrador and I love creating pages with photos of Toby our much loved cat, but what to do about the third two page layout. Toby doesn't like Cadbury at all and Cadbury is scared of Toby so there was no chance of cute photos of the two of them snuggling, So it was off to the pet store to buy a new fish and so we welcomed Simon the Siamese Fighting Fish to our family.

this two page layout documents Cadbury's first 6 months and  has a concertina booklet with more photos of Cadbury when we first got him, he grew so quickly as you can see from the first  photo taken day he came home to live with us to the Christmas photo shoot with Taylah.  

Toby loves nothing better than to lay out in the sun on our driveway, while sunning himself he rolls around on his back, so cute.

Introducing Simon, I love these photos of him as they show all the detail in his tail, such a elegant looking fish.
You will be happy to know that Simon is still going strong, as eagerly awaits being fed each morning ☺ I am normally not good with fish.

I wanted my two page layouts to be all about the photos so while they are simple, I love how they showcase our much loved pets.

Happy Creating Kerrie

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