Friday, April 26, 2013

Australian Scrapbook Ideas Magazine #20 | Scrap Therapy

I was asked to create two layout about someone that had passed away and what I missed about them. This is a very hard subject at the best of times but the day I received the call to see if I could step in and take on this commission was the day before the 7th anniversary of my sisters passing. As you can imagine it was even harder to do but I have to say that I did enjoy my stroll back reminiscing about our childhood.

I chose to do a collage of photos of my sister Megan and I from our childhood up until 3 weeks after she was diagnosed with cancer, this was the first time I had seen in her person and she had already lost so much weight and was covered in small hard cancerous lumps all over her body. Megan only lived for 3 months from when she was diagnosed so we didn't really have long to prepare ourselves for her to loose her fight and fight she did. Megan had two small children to live for and she was determined that she wasn't going to loose this fight, but the type of cancer Megan had was rare and there was nothing that could be done for Megan as there was no research into her form of cancer.

Please if you can give generously to the Queensland Institute of Medical Research and their Ride to Conquer Cancer as all the money raised goes into research all forms of cancer. My brother Lachlan is riding again this year for his 3rd year, last year Wayne, Brayden and Lachlan all took part, Megan would be so proud of them all donning the lycra just for her :)

the photos are of Megan from a young girl through to the beautiful young woman she became and one with me at Lone Pine as kids (yes I had a boy haircut) and then of us both on my wedding day.

The other person  chose was my Father In Law who passed away last year, I always loved seeing Colin interact with all his grandchildren, they all loved and adored him. Colin was a great man and we all loved him dearly, he has had some tough battles in his life and when he had a stroke in July 2011, although you could see the fight in his eyes, it was too big and he was taken from us with a massive a heart attack 4 months later. Although we miss him terribly we all know Colin was a very proud man and would have hated to live not being able to talk, walk or feed himself. 

We will miss Megan and Colin always and not a day goes by that I don't think of them both. I still think I must phone Megan and tell her that when things happen that I know she would love to hear about.

Please remember to cherish and treasure time spent with your loved ones, life is just so precious and take loads of photos.

Australian Scrapbook Ideas Magazine Issue 20

available 1st May 2013

You can get the step by steps for both these layouts in the magazine which is available now at your local newsagent or online

Happy Creating Kerrie
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