Monday, September 9, 2013

the dreaded cleaning of the craft room

I have been absent from my blog as my craft room is a nightmare. Before leaving on our holiday I had spread out of my craftroom to the dining room and so before heading overseas I literally through everything back into my craft room and now I just can't get in to create. I have a path to my computer desk and that is it.
So I have started the big organise and clean up. I am not sharing my before photos until I have after photos

I will share my new album storage with you though. My albums were all in my craftroom and no one looks at them as to be honest you couldn't get near them. While we were away my youngest DD thought she would have a look at them and while pulling them out stacked them up trying to get to the one she wanted. Well they all collapsed on top of her, so it was obviously time to move the.
Here they are in their new home an Ikea Expedit bookcase in my bedroom, now we can all take the time to enjoy looking at our photos with no crafting products to move to get to them. I also bought a bigger Expedit unit to update my old bookcase.

While getting a start on cleaning up my craft room I found 7 storage boxes filled with layouts that have never been placed in an album!!! You will be happy to know that they are now in albums and I have 7 empty storage boxes to fill with crafting goodies.

Happy Creating Kerrie


Adriana B said...

looking good here, now are you coming over to do my room now :) cheers

Kerrie Gurney said...

Adriana that is a very small portion, wait until you see my before photos :)