Wednesday, November 13, 2013

more Christmas creating

here is a look at some quick Christmas projects I created yesterday, both inexpensive and very simple projects

firstly I pimped my stag head by adding a bow to his neck and a popped him in the middle of a wreath which I hot glued some glittered baubles and a glittery Merry Christmas to, quick easy and I love it.

next up last year I really wanted a Nutcracker and couldn't find one I like that didn't cost a fortune, so this year i started looking early and I came across this set of 2 Nutcrackers but I couldn't find one to suit our colour theme, so what is a girl to do but buy them anyway and spray them all white.
I carefully removed their beards first, then a couple of coats of satin white spray paint, some glitter accents and they were done

Happy Creating Kerrie

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Gloria Stengel said...

Great idea! You reminded me of the year, very early in my marriage, that I painstakingly painted 12 ceramic Santa figures for my husband. I have never again painted ceramics..............