Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween Candy

my halloween candy has arrived from the states - i am doing a happy dance
here is a looksee at some of it, i am working out how to best display it for my candy buffet, i have more but have run out of vases to put it all in...

i have the must have for halloween Candy Corn and also some Hershey's Halloween Mini Bars, Hershey's Boo Kisses, Witches Warts, Minty Maggots, Halloween Candy Bracelets, Halloween Buttermints (not so sure i like the taste of these) Halloween Rock Candy and more...

Ashleigh's costume didn't fit so i have it for sale on eBay if anyone wants a really good Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween costume click here

I will now have to make her a costume!!! I did offer my costume to her but she doesn't want it

Taylah's costume also arrived, she is going as a female Mad Hatter, here is hoping that her costume fits

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