Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Black & Hot Pink Christmas

with just hours before i leave for our Asia Cruise
i thought i had better share my Christmas Cards they follow the theme of my tree...

while i didn't make many cards as i ran out of time in between end of year functions and organising our trip i wa very happy with the cards i made - although they do not photgraph very well - i have used a cuttlebug embossing folder and it doesn't really show up in the photos all stamps are Stampin' Up - but you get the general idea

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and an Amazing 2010

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Taylah's 10th Birthday Party

for Taylah's birthday party this year we decided on a blue and green theme - here are some of the things i made for her party

invitations, they opened up like a matchbook (shocking lighting so not a great photo)

party bags

water bottles

shame i didn't get a good photo of the "cake" inside all that tissue were cupcakes, as we couldn't light the candle Taylah blew a cheezel off

bunting (it was too windy at the park to put it up - but we were able to put it up at home ready for the  sleepover )

"drive in movie" backyard style

2009 Christmas Tree

well with 5 days to go until we leave for our cruise - i the true tragic that i am decided that i had to have a tree up before we left - so here it is in all its black and hot pink glory...

it is very basic with just hot pink cane balls and feather boas - no lights so very quick to put up and away when we come home - oh and of course i have to get matching gift bags - they are just there for effect there are no presents in them as we will not be here :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Quick Christmas Cards

I made these cards quickly last night to give as a gift...
All the embellishments were made last year at a class my friend Trish held using Stampin' Up stamps, so basically all i did was add a piece of cardstock embossed using the cuttlebug and stick on my embellishments - too easy!

i still haven't finished making my cards for this year and as i only have 9 more sleeps until i go away i may have to cull my card list for this year.... or give some of my left overs from last year and hope that i don't give the same card as i did last year.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ava's Rule

It’s getting hot here in Australia. Summer is here.

Please email this post card to every single person you know. For Ava. For families who adore their children, who think they’ve covered off all the risks, who may have never thought of the dangers of their car parked outside on a normal Sunny day. Please.
to read Ava's story please click here

Thursday, December 3, 2009

2 weeks....

2 weeks until we leave Australia for Brunei, Hong Kong, Manila, Kota Kinabala, Brunei (again) Singapore, Ho Chi Min City, Da Nang, Sanya Hainan Island China, Hong Kong (again) Brunei (again) then back home to sunny qld .... what are you doing in two weeks? ... ♥

We will be sailing around on this....

Sunday Fun

 we went to the cleveland markets on sunday and they had all these free rides - Taylah and her friend Georgie had a great time as you can see...