Friday, January 15, 2010

Our Trip ...Days 9, 10, 11 & 12

Day 9 - Christmas Day - sadly no photos - no Christmas lunch, I think it was asian food for lunch so nothing Christmassy at all except we did have our own secret santa - we all had picked out a name in Brunei and we had to spend no more than $10AUD on our secret santa person, so that was fun seeing what everyone had bought each other, but silly me forgot to take the camera with me.

Day 10 - Singapore... we started off our day heading into town and walking around Orchid Road, we then had teppanyaki for lunch before heading out to the Singapore Zoo, as we were waiting for a taxi to take us to the zoo it started to rain and kept on raining for the whole zoo visit. It was all good we bought some umbrellas and a raincoat for Brayden. We then had KFC for dinner at the zoo before heading next door to the Night Zoo, you should have seen the line up to get in amazing! While we were waiting for the gate to open Ashleigh, Brayden and I had fish therapy on our feet - this is where you stick your feet into a fish tank and the fish nibble all the dead skin off your feet - very freaky. The night zoo was hot & humid, we walked around one of the trails first up and then lined up for the tram... once on the tram it was relaxing going around. The we headed back to our pick up point to go back on board as we were staying overnight in Singapore there were to be shuttle buses bringing us back to the ship all through the night... but sadly there was a huge stuff up and we and many others were left on the side of the road for over an hour waiting, we all eventually walked back to the port and then had to wait again at the security gate for a shuttle bus to collect us - to say that Costa had to deal with some angry guests was an understatement! There were loads of people after us also left on the side of the road. So Wayne went to yell at reception and I took the kids to our cabins, Taylah cried for over an hour on the side of the road as her legs were hurting - we had been on our feet since we left the ship at 8am and it was now after midnight.

Day 11 - Our second day in Singapore and after the cofuffle with the shuttle buses no one was going to leave the ship, but then Mum, Lachlan, Shane, Leanne and I decided to brave the shuttle buses and head off to Vivo City for a looksee, this is the port our ship normally docks at, but some other big ship was there in our place (the one in the photo with the big water slide on the top deck) We had a nice cup of coffee, looked around, bought some Cadbury's chocolate to take back to the ship.
We had a meeting with the Hotel Director that afternoon and as no one was happy with the way he was dealing with the shuttle bus mess, we asked for a meeting with the captain, so we had that at 10pm that night - what a meeting there were people from all over the world going off at the captain who really didn't understand anyone but the Italians. So everyone went off POed and with nothing resolved. Just a I am sorry from them would have been nice.

Day 12 - another day at sea, so more drugs and then we had the Captains Dinner!
 We didn't get to sit with him, but had a nice night and it was another night to dress up.
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