Tuesday, August 31, 2010

family photos

We have had some special events happen in our family last week and i thought i would share some photos.

First up it was T's book week parade at school and you all know we love our book week parades... actually we just love any excuse to dress up. This year Taylah went as Little Red Riding Hood

and secondly and the most exciting news we have had in a long long time .... my neice Jaime had her first baby... I am a "great" aunt .... he is so perfect. I am so proud of Jaime she had a 22hr labor and was just glowing afterwards so I introduce you all to ....

Blake David Millar
Born 7.25pm
6.13 pounds

his Great Grandpa put on the McAlpine tartan hat getting him used to his scottish heritage ☺
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