Saturday, January 1, 2011

365 Day Photo Challenge

Welcome to 2011

Ashleigh and i have decided to take do the 365 Day Photo Challenge and so will be taking a photo every day, we are just doing it for ourselves for for the online challenge, so our photos will be of anything that interests us each day. We are really looking forward to looking at what made up our year through our photos at the end of 2011. We have made our albums to put our photos in, just need to get them bound as i don't have rings or binding wire big enough. Ashleigh will be taking her photos with her new Polaroid Camera she got for Christmas, so her album is 4"x6" as her photos are credit card size.  I will be using my canon digital cameras either the Ixus 80IS or EOS 450D so my album is 6"x6". Here is to a year of great photos.

here are a couple of Ashleigh's Polaroid photos

check out my pj's pants ... they look like MC Hammer pants ☺

Wayne, Taylah and I at Hogans for Taylah's birthday dinner

Happy Snapping Kerrie
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