Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WPSS Easter Carnival Report

Well w had the first wet WPSS Easter Carnival in 23 years, but apart from having to cancel the rides, the fireworks and some of the entertainment the carnival went ahead we just had to move everything under cover.

So after spending all day friday until 6pm setting up on the oval at 9am saturday morning we had to move it all under the buildings beofre the crowds started arriving at 12pm. I have to thank my amazing team as everyone just got in and did it, and luckily the rain stopped before the carnvial started and the crowds arrived. Even though we had no rides everyone still enjoyed themselves taking the time to visit all the stalls and enjoying the entertainers that were still able to perform.

We know now that we can acheive anything - thanks so much to the wonderful group of very hard working parents and teachers at Wellington Point State School.

here are some photos from the day

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