Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 212/365 Photo

Well talk about high drama down the road from our street today ...i am still not sure what happened but they blocked the main road to our street today ...there was an abandoned car left in the middle of the road and there were 6 police cars, 1 police bike and 1 dectective's car racing up and down the road ...this all went on for at least 3 hours as i had to go back out and it was all still happening ..they even came into our street at one stage. So here is my photo for today is of the police turning cars around at the place where the abandoned car was, we had to take a detour and the road we had to take the police were going up and down there too ...this police van stayed here the whole time while all the other cars/vans and bike flew around the streets.

ETA is what happened

Happy Creating Kerrie
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