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Craft & Quilt Fair Recap | Canberra

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Well after having a relaxing couple of weeks since returning from Canberra I thought I had better share some highlights from my time in Canberra before I head off again.

Camberra was lovely and while it was cold I was indoors for most of  time in Canberra so really it was only the first day that I felt the cold as it was rainy and windy, the rest of the time it was ok.
 I took two coats thinking I would need them but only wore one :)

I am having such a fabulous time travelling with the Craft & Quilt Fair and cannot thank Expertise Events enough for this amazing experience.
If you have a store in any city they have events please think about exhibiting with them as it is fantastic exposure and  all businesses need more of exposure to new customers in today's economic climate. You would be surprised how many people come up to me saying they don't know where their local papercrafting store is and having a local store at an event is such an advantage for them.

Here are some photos from my time in Canberra I have more on Instagram

before checking in at the domestic terminal we stopped in for breakfast at the International terminal so we could catch up with my niece who was flying in for the day from Dubai

time to set up and it was freezing ..seriously freezing as all the doors were open to allow everyone to bring in their pallets and boxes feet were frozen to the bone 

all done

 now some sightseeing with Denise, sadly we forgot to get a photo together, but we had a lovely afternoon and night

alongside Lake Burley Griffin looking back at Black Mountain Tower... it looks cold and it was it was windy and rainy not a great combination in a Canberra winter

Denise took me to dinner at my favourite restaurant Jamie's Italian ...I am now proud to say I  have eaten in every Jamie's Italian in Australia ...Jamie Oliver I would like a certificate please

how good does that Lemon Meringue look

Gary and some of the exhibitors getting their groove on before the show opens, you can see just part of the line up ..these Canberrians are dedicated to their craft

me standing on the street waiting for my ride with Svenja and Matt ...doesn't the cold give you a nice glow :)

yes it was cold

and foggy

don't you just love Svenja's shoes (a huge thank you to both Svenja and Matt for giving me a lift each day)

I snuck in a card class at Wrapped in Paper after the show, thanks so much to Gail, Pat & Sue for having me and to Edith for organising it very last minute, nothing like a days notice for a class thanks so much for everyone who came along.

 after the class I went for a wander down the road to Cockington Green

 love this sculpture across the road from Wrapped in Paper they are in Gold Creek if you are living or visiting Canberra ...awesome store filled to the brim with papercrafting goodness

I didn't get to Parliament or the War Memorial but had a fabulous time in Canberra, we had alot more bonding this time with lots of laughs and it was lovely catching up with my Canberrian friends
until next time Canberra

Next stop on my Craft & Quilt Fair tour is
Hamilton NZ
and then
Christchurch NZ 

Please pop by and say hello if you are in the North or South Island
I am super excited to be coming over to share my love of all things papercrafting

 Happy Creating 

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