Friday, January 15, 2010

Our Trip ...Days 16, 17, 18 & 19

Day 16 - Sanya Hainan Island - this was by far the most impressive port, but the city it self did nothing for us. Seeing that it was New Years Day only Mum, Taylah, I and Jay, Tracey, Grayson and Olliver went on shore. Mum Taylah and I walked down the main street heading for the markets and the beach, but it was hot noisy and her they drive on the footpaths as well as the road so you were not safe where ever you walked. We were headed down towards what we thought would be a nice area but it got seedier and seedier the more we walked so we ended up turning around and heading back to the shuttle bus and back on board as we had to be back on board by 1pm anyway. There were street vendors along the footpaths and on the way back we passed a stall filled with dead snakes, alligater heads, claws and other animals all looking gross. it must have been a healing stall as they were doing cupping and wiping the dead animal parts on people arms. Too gross for me, also there was some big mobile phone thing going on as every second shop seemed to be selling mobile phones and they all had big displays and promotions outside and lines of people in their stores.

Day 16 continued - Italian night in the dining room - what a night it was probably the best entertainment they had - Rigaberto and Wei danced with all of us girls and then we did a conga line around the room. (the girl in the pink top and blue skirt is Braydens on board girlfriend Connie, she is from Germany)

Day 17 - Hong Kong - Mum, Brayden and I took a taxi up to Mong Kok to the markets where we picked up some last minute bargains. We then went to the sporting goods street so B could get himself some Nike Airs, he also got some football boots, so he was a happy B. Then it was back to the ship so i could take Taylah to Disneyland, but the crowds were so bad that it took forever to get back. So we just went for a look around the harbour shopping complex, as you can see by the photos there was plenty for Taylah to see and pose with.

Day 18 - Time to disembark for the last time and head for the airport for our flight to Brunei - here we are waiting for our flight to be called. - There was a Disneyland shop at the airport so Taylah was able to get some Disney goodies for her friends, I gave the kids what was left of our Hong Kong dollars to spend as there was no use bringing it home. Once we settled into our hotel in Brunei we all had room service for dinner as we were all tired and glad to be in a roomy room.

Day 19 - We left Brunei at 3pm for home - we all just want to get home now. We got into Brisbane around 8.30pm and got through customs with no problems and no lines so that was great - said goodbye to everyone and jumped into our taxi for home.
About half an hour after we got home Taylah realised one of her bags was missing... it seems when the driver unloaded all of our bags he left one in there. It was Taylah's new "Chanel" Tote Bag filled with all of her best things... her Ipod, Nitendo DS with her new game in it that she got from Santa, Digital Camera, 2 pr Sunglasses, new cat money box she bought in Hong Kong, new colour tamagotchi also bought in HK and other items that she can't remember, so a very expensive loss. We have been in touch with B&W cabs but no one has handed it in and as we didn't get the cab number it seems there is nothing we can do. You would think that the cab company would be able to trace which cab it was, but it would seem not. So we have had quite alot of tears, but a big lesson learned, make sure you have everything before your cab drives off. A not so nice end to a fantastic holiday.
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