Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 142/365 Photo

Today B went to play Paintball for a friend's birthday celebration, so lucky me got to take him as Wayne did his back the day before at golf (convenient i say) I thought it won't be so bad as it will only go for about an hour ...big mistake 4 hours later!!! Anyway he had a great time and i had taken my kindle so i was all good sitting on a cold bench reading. We had a nice Mother Son day as i took B out for lunch afterwards and we also went to the Confectionery Warehouse a good day.
Here is B all decked out in his camo gear with a bag full of paint balls ready for the second session.

B was very disappointed that he came away with no bruises or welts .... his friend had quite a few as did some of the other boys.

Happy Creating Kerrie
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