Thursday, June 20, 2013

WHAT!!!! over 50 000 page views

Who would have thought ....

I want to Thank everyone who visits my blog who would have imagined when I started my humble blog that I would have over 50 000 page views.

I am overwhelmed  and I thank everyone who has ever popped into my little part of the www

I have had two stand out posts the first having over 5000 views and shared by people many times, is my post showing the Halloween Birthday Invitations I did for my daughter Ashleigh's 16th birthday party in 2009. My very good friend Anna handmade the fingers for me and I got the idea for the invitations from every crafters friend Martha Stewart

you can view the full post HERE and photos from the party HERE

the second post with over 1200 views and shared on many Narnia fan sites is my post with photos from the set of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader which was filmed just 10 mins up the road from my house back in 2009. It was a very exciting time for everyone in the Redlands and especially for me who visited the set every week day at least once, often more and sometimes dragging my children kicking and screaming after school. That is until the day we met Ben Barnes we were all star struck by Ben such a lovely young man, who chatted with everyone there including Taylah and I and also giving a starstruck Taylah his autograph. 

you can view that post HERE 
and if you like I have many Narnia DT posts you just need to click on Narnia in the labels and that will take you to all the Narnia posts.

so once again 
I thank you all 

Happy Creating Kerrie

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