Monday, January 9, 2017

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Hi Everyone
Kerrie here
Happy New Year to you all
January in our family is not a great start to the year as my sister passed away in January 6th, 11 years ago this year. Just 9 days before her 36th Birthday.
So even though I love a fresh year I am always sad for the first half of January sometimes it really hits me hard and other years not as much.
For those who don't know, Megan was diagnosed with a rare cancer early October 2005 and so her battle was short but fierce as she had two young children who she didn't want to leave. Sadly the cancer was just too aggressive and Megan lost her fight. We will never get over losing Megan so quickly and so savagely to cancer, but we will forever cherish our memories of her and Megan will live on forever through her beautiful children.
 My message to you all is to love each other and cherish every moment spent with those you love as you just never know what is around the corner.

I wanted to scrapbook this photo of the 4 of us from back when I was just 10,  many decades ago now :), as you can see by the photo Megan and Lachlan were the favorites and Shane & I not so much check our hair. Megan and Lachlan's perfectly cut and Shane & I look like Mum and Dad let the rats chew ours. We still tell Mum and Dad this all the time and so this photo is very special to me and my family as it makes us laugh all the time.

Enough about me now and onto my tutorial

 I started off using Couture Creations Anna Griffin Embossing Paste and randomly applying it to my white cardstock base using the Couture Creations Anna Griffin Arabesque Ironworks Stencil, you can leave to dry naturally or hit with your heat tool to dry quickly.
I love the Embossing Paste as it is very quick drying and gives a nice depth of texture

Next I sprinkled on some Couture Creations Anna Griffin Blue Pigment Powder, just using my fingers

I then gave a light spray with water to blend the pigment powder

then I dried it off using my Couture Creations Heat Tool

next up I created my own shimmer spray, again using the Couture Creations Anna Griffin Blue Pigment. Just pop a few spoonfuls into a spray bottle add warm water and shake to mix and you have your own spray, you can make it as light or dark as you like.
Remember you can always add more pigment powder to create a darker shade you cannot remove it one wet other than to add more water to dilute it down

I then used my spray to colour my paper and lace flowers 

Next I primed my chipboard title using Couture Creations Anna Griffin Gesso using a Sponge Dauber to get a nice thin coating, I dried it off using my Heat Tool

and then sprayed the chipboard title with my pigment shimmer spray again drying with my heat tool

Next up add all the layers. I have added some extra spray to give a little more colour to the white base  and then die cut and embossed some white cardstock 
Notice the Blue stenciled texture paste, that has been created using a soon to be released stencil from one of our upcoming CHA releases, full reveals are coming soon on the Artdeco Creations Blog

Tip for adding dimension to your layers, use up your leftovers from your Foam Dots, it works brilliantly to add dimension and you are not wasting all the adhesive waste.

I added some splatters using my Blue Shimmer Spray by flicking using the nozzle

The Couture Creations Anna Griffin Embossing Paste combined with the quality of the Couture Creations Anna Griffin Stencils  gives you really good texture for backgrounds

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Artdeco Creations Products Used
CO724870 Couture Creations Anna Griffin Embossing Paste
CO724871 Couture Creations Anna Griffin Gesso
CO724866 Couture Creations Anna Griffin Mix & Match Pigments
CO725017 Couture Creations Anna Griffin 8x8 Arabesque Stencil, Ironworks
CO724723 Couture Creations Ornamental Affair Decorative Die, Everly Background
ULT157271 Ultimate Crafts Magnolia Lane Embossing Folder, Petite & Tied Together
ULT157802 Ultimate Crafts L'Aquarelle 6x6 Stencil,  Rolling Mesh
CO724295 Couture Creations White Flowers, Cottage Pollen
CO723111 Couture Creations White Flowers, Adalyn Collection
CO721996 Couture Creations Gemstones, Crystal
CO723978 Couture Creations Heat Tool
CO723828 Couture Creations Non Stick Craft Mat
CO723623 Couture Creations Sponge Dauber
CO724824 Couture Creations Go Cut and Emboss Machine

 Happy Creating 

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