Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Trip ...Days 3,4 & 5

Day 3 - shopping and sightseeing in Hong Kong - then boarding the Costa Classica for our 15 day cruise around Asia, before setting sail we got to watch the Laser Light Show in the Hong Kong Harbour it was quite a show.

Day 4 - was a blur after setting sail at 10pm at night it was all good, after being woken through the night with a very rocky ship, we woke and everything was good, then i moved and the not so good started, next thing i am in the bathroom heaving, with both of my girls now going down too, Wayne has gone to the gym i call for Ashleigh to get my Mum, Mum comes in and she is no better, when Wayne comes back he tells us all to get up on the top deck at the back of the boat and that is where we all stayed for the day, covered in towels, sleeping it off, we were too sick to get sea sickness tablets, so we just had to ride it out, our loving family members did managed to pop up now and again to see how we were going, bring us some green apples and then leave laughing... so no photos from me for day 4

Day 5 - Manila after waking up and feeling great (the ship had docked so no rocking) we disembarked for a day in Manila - we quickly hired ourselves a driver with mini van for the day and off we went for an amazing tour of Manila. We were shocked by the poverty and the street vendors coming up to our van while we were stopped in traffic, we also sadly had some children with a baby come begging, very very sad, all banks had armed guards with very large guns outside, so very different to home. We also went for a quick shop at the worlds 3rd largest shopping centre, where i also got us some Krispy Kremes, they were just like they are at home, then we went market shopping, with all the kids grabbing some bargains.
On the whole Manila was my favourite desination as i feel we got to see the good the bad and the ugly.
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