Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Trip in photos

We had a dream - for a Christmas to remember
16 people
11 Destinations
7 Countries
18 days
here are the first 2 days

Day 1 - leaving home, Brisbane Airport & our 1st night in Brunei the heat as we walked out of the airport was stifling, it was like your clothes instantly vacuumed to your body

Day 2 Brunei as our flight to Hong Kong was delayed by 6 hours we deceided to a tour of Brunei
so here is The Sultan's Museum, The 29th Sultan's Mosque, The 28th Sultan's Mosque

Day 2 continued - Brunei Water Village what an amazing place, everything is on the water, they even have a school, a mosque,a shopping centre, the only thing they do not have is a place to park their cars, these are all parked on the mainland along the water edge. We even got to go inside one of the homes and had afternoon tea
Day 2 - arriving in Hong Kong 9pm at night after our 6 hour delay in Brunei - we had our very own bus from the airport to the hotel - first stop after check in McDonalds :) and then we hit the shops - the big boys all went to the tailors to get suits for the cruise, the kids, Nanny, Leanne and i shopped, it was amazing to be shopping at that time of night and to have to shuffle through the crowds.
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