Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 15/365 Photo

Today I went down to the flood relief centre near home to help load up the trucks, cars & trailers with donations to go  out to the flood affected areas in the Lockyer Valley. I was completely overwhelmed by the generosity of the people in the Redlands with both donations of goods and of their time. I arrived just before 7am and the placed was filled with people already hard at work.
Which brings me to my photo for today ... I quickly took this while we were waiting for the next vehicle to load was the only photo I took as it was full on trying to get all the vehicles loaded and on the road by 8.30am

Here is a list of items that are still needed
- strong garbage bags

- torches, candles, matches and lighters
- water purification tablets
- antiseptic
- cleaning products, cloths, mops, buckets etc
- dog food
- long life milk and non perishable food
- bread and baked goods
- soap
- deodorant
- toothpaste and toothbrushes
- shampoo and conditioner
- sanitary products
- baby bottles, formula and food in those squishy containers (soft pack?) 
- mossie coils, insect spray
- disinfectant and bleach
Please if you are able to help out drop them to 91 Redland Bay Rd Capalaba

Happy Creating Kerrie
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