Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ashleigh's 18th Birthday Party Decor

I thought I would share some photos from Ashleigh's 18th Birthday party.

All the paper lanterns ready to hang

The room ready with all the lanterns hung up

The lolly buffet

a close up of  the lolly boxes

The Ashleigh Banner ... this is photos of Ashleigh each year from Birth to 18, my plan was to embellish it all but I ran out of time so I only did the end two panels.

Cake #1 - this is the one we had on her Birthday night Dinner, this one was easy ... just a double sponge cover with chocolate frosting, then choolate fingers around the edge and filled the centre with M&M's. Very yummy but very sweet


Cake #2 - this one was the one for the party ...

the cake when cut ... this one I baked 3 cakes in the party theme colours (red, orange & pink) I then cut them in half and layered them, then covered in orange frosting and pink coconut and crushed up white tim tams on top. It was a huge hit with all of Ashleigh's guests.

Happy Creating Kerrie
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