Saturday, April 19, 2014

Celebrating 21

Earlier this week we celebrated a big milestone in our family, my eldest daughter Ashleigh turned 21
I cannot believe I am now the mother of a 21 year old ...when did that happen? ..what happened to the last 21 years?
Not only is my Number one child 21, she moved out of home on the 1st of January this year 2 huge milestones for her this year.

Ashleigh didn't want a party just a family dinner with us, her besties and the grandparents, so we went to Ceylon Inn for some delicious Indian for her special birthday are some snaps, unfortunately we were too busy enjoying ourselves and didn't take many photos.

the very quick Birthday Card (which i forgot to write in )

Pressies from the family

the invitation, I printed it out using my Epson PictureMate PM235 (love this printer)... I know it doesn't match the present and cake theme but it matches the venue :)

 the birthday girl

Clinton, Ashleigh & Shannen besties since meeting in Y8 (2006)

Ashleigh, Shannen, Me and Taylah

Cake Time back at home

Happy Creating Kerrie
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