Monday, June 29, 2015

Craft & Quilt Fair Sydney Recap

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Ho everyone sorry for the lateness of this recap I have been busy prepping for the next Craft & Quilt Fair in Launceston and catching up on everything at home.

Sydney was fantastic, although wet and gloomy for most of the time it was still an amazing show with lots of creative people filling the venue.

Again I forgot to take photos of everyone doing my Make & Take classes, maybe I will remember in Launceston, I am too busy teaching and talking :)

Anyway thanks again to everyone who came along to visit me and take one of my classes, you were all so lovely and I really enjoyed meeting you all

To the person or persons who decided to steal my class kits and class sample right before I was due to teach a class ....What can I say but that was a very low act and karma will get you.
Not only by you stealing those kits to you put a damper on the show for me but also those who had paid to do my make & take and the classes afterwards.
I truly hope it was worth it for you and thank you for at least leaving the tools and adhesives.

I didn't let that horrible person ruin my time at the show as one awful person is stomped out but thousands of fabulous people

 here are some photos to prove it ...sorry lots of photos

firstly some photos of my displays on my stand

I have to say I loved the venue, it was so light and airy inside and catching a ferry to work each day was fantastic 

not a bad view back of the city either

My love card on the huge Welcome sign

This event is massive If you are a crafter you really should plan a Sydney getaway when the show is on ...i was surprised how many people do but I know why an amazing show with so many displays and exhibitors

Expertise Events staff and some of the Exhibitors getting into it before the day starts

my view the end of Day 1
The view i would have had if I had left 5 mins ealier

my not too shabby ride each day 

 Finally I got to meet this fabulous lady in person after chatting online and on the phone for the past 2.5 years great to meet you Bridget and thanks for the coffee

and look who also popped up for a visit all the way from her country retreat in Yass was fabulous seeing you and Tegan Denise ..they even did my Make & Take Class ..this is the one I had to come up with to replace the stolen class kits

and then there was the food and outings
Starting with dinner for 1 at the
Hard Rock Cafe

Jamie's Italian ...I have now been to every Jamie's Italian in Australia except Canberra (I am heading to Canberra in August)

I also went to see this ...AWESOME so glad I did I loved it, I just walked in without booking and got a fabulous seat pays to be a loner :)
at the gorgeous Capital Theatre

I had drinkies at Cyren with the fabulous Svenja who had a fan club with almost every Chinese/Japanese tourist coming for a photo with her ..they were so cute asking her for a photo

and then there is the mess I create while demoing 

and the things that keep me going delivered with love from the fabulous Teena of Craft Giraffe fame

and this was home for the 5 nights I was in Sydney ..It was gorgeous and the staff were fabulous ..loved it and would stay there again and I highly recommend staying there was a short walk to the ferry each day and a lovely walk to the city
1888 Hotel

and here is where I head next for the Craft & Quilt Fair please if you are in Tassi or visiting Tassi as it is school holidays please come and say Hi and stay and create a card
The show is July 10th - 12th at the Silverdome Launceston

I have more photos on Instagram if you want more

 Happy Creating 

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