Wednesday, June 29, 2016

#secretscrapbookevent South Africa, Recap

Hi Everyone
Well I have been home from South Africa for just over a week and thought I had better share some highlights.

 It was all made possible by the inspiring and amazing Cariena Basson (Cariena owns Scrapbook Studio) who had a dream to create an event and take it around South Africa, it was a case of if Cariena builds they will come and they sure did, 300 dedicated scrapbookers hungry to learn new techniques and enjoy 2 full days of creating.
 I am so so lucky that she contacted Adele from The Wholesaler our distributor in South Africa and Andrew from Artdeco Creations to see if they would join with her and help make these five events something that everyone would be excited to attend without knowing anything at all what to expect. Both said YES and I was chosen to represent the Couture Creations brand in South Africa for 3 whole weeks at 5 Two Day Events roadtripping across South Africa

I would like to thank everyone who made my time in South Africa so very special but especially Cariena who I spent 3 weeks in a car road tripping with, her ears will never be the same. We had never met before and I instantly knew I would love her and that we would get along.
Cariena is a very special person and she is surrounded by a very special group of ladies in Kaylene who was came roadtripping most of the way with us,  Kim and Priscilla who joined us in Cape Town, Benoni and Desir√©√© who was there in Cape Town, Lizane and Valencia who joined us in Jeffreys Bay and her fabulous and most patient hubby Marius.

To Jowilna Nolte who I was so blessed to teach with at every event, Jowilna is so extremely talented, South Africa papercrafters are so very lucky to have her teaching weekly at her local stores and then at special events around the country. If you haven't yet taken a class with Jowilna you really must.

Then there is Adele and Ilza who picked me up from Cape Town airport and took me sightseeing before arriving at Drakenstein Lion Park who rescue Lions from Circus's and Zoos from around the world

for a sleepover in a tent surrounded by 32 lions!!!

It was so amazing trying to sleep while lions roared through the night. I was so touched by the lions they have rescued that I couldn't leave with adopting one

I chose Leonidas as his story touched me as did he with all he had been through he was really enjoying his new life.
 The next day we went to the Cheetah Outreach where I got to pat a Cheetah and Grace the Caracal and I even nursed a Meerkat.

Next I have to give a huge Thank you to Dennis and Erin from Celebr8, they didn't know me but offered to pick me up and take me to the Lion Park in Johannesburg.

I seriously cannot stop thinking about the lions. Dennis and Erin took me not only to see Lions but we went walking with them and playing with Lion cubs, not to mention feeding Giraffes.

We taught at 5 two day events so we did work hard but  those 3 very special days will forever be remembered by me as will all the beautiful people I met at each event

You can see more photos from my trip on Facebook or Instagram

I will share my layouts I taught with you all tomorrow

 I am now in Auckland New Zealand at SENZ teaching classes for Warehouse Stationery (there are still places available in my single page layout along with my 2 page travel layout, you can book online HERE or book at the show)

 Happy Creating 

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